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What are Some Problems that a Spray Foam Roof may Have?

Updated: Feb 26

#1. Spray Foam Roofing System does not have as high of a resistance to punctures or damage,unless there is a Spunflex fabric embedded into the Base Coat which has a Class 4 hail rating. Repairs needs to be made with a approved product in order to not Void the warranty.

#2. Spray Foam Roofing systems should be inspected twice a year whether there is known damage or not. And especially after weather events that could cause damage: such as hail storms, tornados, and hurricanes. Small cracks, gouges, or punctures can be repaired easily repaired to prevent further damage.

#3. Since the Spray Foam Roofing System is installed by a spray application, there is a risk of the wind carrying overspray onto surrounding cars and other surfaces. While this does not pose a health concern, it is a concern for surrounding property.

#4. Spray Foam Roofing System can only be sprayed during specific weather conditions. Installation of an SPF roofing system cannot be performed when there is ice, frost, surface moisture, or visible dampness on the existing roof or below temperatures of 50 Degrees.

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