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What to Look for when Choosing a Roofing Company?, 10 Tips!

Updated: Mar 8

Here are 10 tips when choosing a roofing company;

1. Are they properly Licensed?, (Don't be afraid to verify the license with the state).

2. Do they have the Necessary Liability Insurance?, (You can request for a certificate).

3. Do you receive a detailed Estimate?, (Either a physical copy or a emailed copy)

4. Are they reasonably priced?, (Never just go with the cheapest bid, There is a big variety of quality and price of materials, And also make sure that all the proper materials are being used., Don't be afraid to ask us to compare our estimate to another estimate. :)

5. Do they have positive reviews online from past clients?, (Check Google, Facebook, Website etc).

6. Are they Better Business Bureau accredited?, (Go to Better Business Bureau and search for the company)?

7. Ask about warranty details., (Make sure they provide you a workmanship warranty and the materials they are using have a manufacture warranty).

8. Research the company online and look at past projects they have completed., (A credible Roofing Company should have a Google Page, Facebook Page, Website,and a Yelp Page and possibly more.

9. Are they based Locally?,(If a company is not local they will not be able to provide you the best quality service nor honor their workmanship warranty).

10. Last but not least Communication,(Do they show up when they say the will or give you a call to reschedule?, Do they answer all your questions satisfactorily?, Do they provide you with a Estimate within a reasonable time frame?

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