Metal Restoration System

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Roof Replacement

 Application of the Metal Restoration System.

1. Power wash the entire roof with Rust Off Cleaner.

    What is the Rust off cleaner for?

          a. Helps with cleaning the roof.

          b. Neutralizes any rust.

 2. Apply Metal Encase Primer to help get a stronger adhering and prevent rust from spreading.

3. Reinforce all the seams with Spunflex fabric and base coat.

4. Caulk all fastener heads and potential leak points with Kwik Kaulk.

5. Apply the Final Top coat to get your 18 year Non-Prorated warranty.


A few Benefits of the Metal Restoration System.

1.Way lower cost then a new low sloped metal Roof.

 2. No worries about inside damages from removal of the metal.

 3. No worries about Rust Spreading.

 4. No worries about leakage in the seams.

 5. Highly reflective to help with Energy Efficient.

Pricing of the Metal Restoration System.

      What causes the price of the metal restoration to vary? 

1. Does any metal have to be replaced due to excessive damage,Holes,dents etc.)

2. What type of metal and Ridge profile.

3. What the size of your roof is,(Generally the more Sq.ft. the less per Sq.ft.)


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