Insurance Claims

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Insurance Claims

 If your Property was damaged From Wind,Debris or Hail we are here to help!


         Here are some tips to speed and help the process and get your damages repaired.

        There are 2 ways to proceed.

   1. Contact us at Liberty Roofing Pros and let us know you think you had damage and you would like us to come out and do a free Inspection and verify the claim before opening the claim, then if there is damage we can take the following steps.

   2. If there is a lot of visible damage the best thing would be to call your Insurance Company and get the claim started with the steps below then contact us!


Info and steps needed for opening a claim.

Have the following information,

      a. Address,

      b.Policyholder name,

      c.Policy number,

     d.Cause of the Incident,

Obtain a Claim number from the Insurance Company.

Tell the Insurance Company you want to hire Liberty Roofing to complete your repairs and want Liberty Roofing present when the adjuster inspects your property.

Contact Liberty Roofing to do any emergency repairs.

The Insurance Company will assign an adjuster to your claim and he will call you to schedule an Inspection.

Contact Liberty Roofing with the Inspection time and date.      


The Final Determination of the cost of damages will be determined by the Insurance Company,

Most Insurance Companies us an online software called Xactimate to determine the cost. 


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