Foam Roof System

Foam Roof System

Application of the Foam Roof System

1. Spray Polyurethane Foam is a 2.8lb Density ( Very Strong).

2.Foam Roofing Is Normally Sprayed at a thickness of of 1 to 2 inches.

3.After the Foam Is Sprayed Base Coat gets Sprayed on and back-rolled @ Approx. 2 gallons per Square.

4.After the Base Coat is Cured, all the Intrusions and Drains with Kwik-Kaulk

5.Than The Final Top Coat is Applied @ Approx. 2 gallons per Square.

6.The Foam System is Perfect to be applied on a Tar and Gravel Roof,Mod-Bit,OSB Sheathing.

7.The Foam System can not be Applied directly over EPDM,TPO or any Membrane Without a Recovery Board (ISO or OSB board) Attached to the decking,to Eliminate adhering and a possible Blow Off.

A few Benefits of the Foam System

1.Lower energy bills,each inch of foam provides a approx. R-7 of Insulation.

2.Flexible Installation, No worries if it may rain before the whole project is completed.

3.Foam Roofing can be Applied at variable thickness to Eliminate all ponding water.

4.Foam Roofing is Completely Seamless, no worries about Failing Seams.

Pricing of the Foam System

What causes the price of Foam Systems to vary?

1.Is a tear-off required because of excessive moisture trapped in the roof.

2.Does decking need to be replaced because of rust?

3.What type of exciting roof do you have?

4.What is the size of your roof? (Generally the bigger the less per Sq.ft.)


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